Consciously manifest your intention

4 Basic steps to manifest your intention:
  • 1. Set your Intention: Relax and determine a focused intention, without knowing what you want, it is difficult to get it. While this may seem obvious, many people have a general idea of what they want but are unable to get a clear and concrete image in their minds. At this stage, it will be helpful to write out or list your intentions, your desires. Maybe create a story, draw a picture, make a song, or create a dance. The method does not matter as long as the intention becomes clearly defined and focused.

  • 2. Optimal State: Second step in the process is to get into a relaxed state – a relaxed body, clear and focused mind are necessary for best results. Try relaxing with a Yoga Nidra recording. Get your body into a relaxed state so that your mind is quiet and at ease.

  • 3. Make it Real: The third step is to make the intention convincingly real, vivid, and personal. Use the power of your imagination and your visualization to see a situation in your mind's eye that indicates you have received what you are intending. Perhaps you see yourself raise a glass in celebration of your achievement

For example, if your intention is to get a good grade on an important test, begin to feel, see, and hear yourself finishing the test with ease and confidence. Imagine what it would feel like to get the grade you want. See your family celebrating your high grade with you. See everyone smiling and happy. What are the people around you saying? What are you saying to yourself? Where are you located and what are you doing, is it bright, dark, loud, quiet? Form an image in your mind, give it motion, color, smell, add people, make it larger then life and put yourself into the scene as you look down onto it. Work and play with the image/movie until it is superbly fine tuned to maximize the “realness” of your intention.

  • 4. Let it Go: Finally, as you hold this perfect/ideal scene of the desired outcome in your mind, imagine letting it go out into the world. Maybe you surround the scene in a pink cloud and send it out into the Universe. Take a deep breath and let it go. By letting it go, you are practicing non-attachment and releasing expectation.

  • And don't be afraid to experiment and be playful with the process to find out what works best for you. Set your intention that the process will fill you with a sense of great power which will add to your sense of self worth, confidence, and ability to be a success at anything you do in the world.

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